Hi, you have reached my web hub, a place where I link to stuffs I do or write.

Some context.

I'm a few-decades-old human contributing to the transition toward a post-consumerist, caring, sustainable society. It took a while, but I'm now considering this to be difficultly compatible with a capitalist organization of society. I don't have that many solid certitudes on what should come to replace it, but that got to involve a good share of solidarity and commons, while maximizing individuals freedom, and minimizing administrative burden. easy.

Among the macro and micro resistances against capitalist totalitaristic trends, I have a particular focus on the systemic toxicity of commercial propaganda and what could come to replace it.

Experimenting on that question of how to reorganize information on resources brought me to where I am now: using most of my time developing, a web app that lets you do the inventory of your books to inform your network of which book you can give, share, or sell, while contributing to the web of linked open data on resources. Citizens empowerment is the mission, libre software and open knowledge is the way!

I'm also contributing to different strategies of resistance against industrialized attention capture for commercial purposes (a.k.a. advertisment), one being the ridiculously inefficient but symbolically interesting human ad blocker strategy.


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